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Lady-Comp focuses on long-term health and well-being and empowers you to understand your body and it's natural cycles! Lady-Comp is a sophisticated and reliable Fertility Computer that accurately identifies both your fertile and infertile days. Simple and Easy to Use! A natural method of fertility planning with the assurance of the latest technology.


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Lady-Comp Manual

In this manual you will find everything that you need to know about your device in the table of contents or in the alphabetical index.

Product Information

Your Purchase of the Lady-Comp Ovulation Monitor Includes:

  • Unlimited Toll Free and Email Support
  • Free Cycle Analysis with a Registered Nurse
  • Lady-Comp Monitor
  • Temperature Sensor
  • USB cable (For Downloading Stored Data)
  • Travel Storage Case
  • Instruction Manual
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 2 AAA Rechargeable Batteries
  • Regular Price: $579 CAD  Fall Special:  $465.00 CAD! Save $114 until September 30th

Natural Family Planning with Lady-Comp is safe, reliable and natural!

Lady-Comp focuses mainly on the long-term health and well-being of the woman.

Lady-Comp is programmed with Fertility Awareness research data and uses bio-mathematical forecasting calculations.

The fertile and infertile days can be reliably determined without any bothersome or harmful interventions the affect the body`s natural functions. Many women suffer from side-effects of the birth control pill. Lady-Comp makes Natural Family Planning Easy!

Reliably Plan and Avoid
A daily basal body temperature is accurately measured and recorded within 1 minute. The dates of menstruation are entered to calculate the accurate cycle day. This information is evaluated and compared with a database of more then 900,000 cycles. Your Fertility status is provided daily and valid for 24 hours. 
Upon awakening, a simple press of any button initiates the oral temperature measurement. 
Lady-Comp is safe and reliable-Quick and easy to operate.

Recommended for women with cycles lasting between 19-40 days. Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby are not recommended for women with very irregular cycles, often lasting longer than 40 days. Women who have very irregular cycles may have reduced reliability when using natural methods.  Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby are not contraception. Lady-Comp and Lady-Comp Baby tell you when you are in your fertile window. During your fertile window you can choose to plan a pregnancy or use a contraceptive, i.e. barrier methods such as condoms and diaphragms or abstain from sexual intercourse.

Safe and reliable
99.3 percent reliable in determining the fertile and infertile days of the cycle. (As documented by the manufacturer)
Pearl-Index 0.7.
Disregards irregular temperature readings.
Clinically tested by Prof. Dr. habil. Günther Freundl
(Senior gynecological consultant at the Women`s Hospital of Düsseldorf)

Cycle Statistics
Average Cycle Length.
Average Temperature Rise.
Ovulation Range.
Length of Luteal Phase.
Detects Monophasic Cycles .
Past and Future Calendar Views.

Easy to use 1-2 minutes/day
Red-light = fertile
Green-light = infertile
Yellow-light = (learning-treat as potentially fertile)
Reliable alarm clock.
Easy analysis of the cycle - helpful for PMS.

One press of a button.
Just 1-2 minutes each morning.
Lady-Comp provides an instant fertility display.
Provides expected fertility status for the next 6 days.

Lady-Comp can be upgraded to include the features of Lady-Comp Baby.
Lady-Comp is suitable for shift-workers.
Lady-Comp operates well with irregular schedules. Suitable for mothers with small children.
Lady-Comp is suitable for frequent travelers.
Operates on AAA batteries.  AAA rechargeable batteries must be re-charged in a AAA wall outlet charger.  You can also use regular AAA batteries which last approximately 9-12 months between replacement.  Please Note:  It is recommended to only use good quality, name brand AAA batteries to ensure optimal life and prevent damage to the device from faulty or expired batteries.

One time purchase.
Life Expectancy-Over 7 years. 
Very durable.
High quality materials.
Made in Germany.
No additional costs after purchase. No test strips required.
Download and Print Stored Data-Email for Expert Analysis of the Cycle Data.

Toll-Free Telephone and E-mail support
Two Year Warranty.
Free Consultation with a Registered Nurse.