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New User Questions

Naturally, new users will have questions about using their product.
Here we address common questions related to the operation of our fertility monitors.

Menstruation Data

I am trying to enter Menstruation History and when I select the M icon and press the right arrow, I cannot reverse the date to go back to the first day of "M", the furthest date back in my history. The Lady Comp won’t let me reverse the date.

You have likely entered data incorrectly or already measured a temperature. Delete data and reset the device.

To delete data: Proceeding from the Main Menu, select the Tool icon. On the Tools menu, select the Trash Bin icon. Press the centre of the toggle button repeatedly until the red line moves completely to the left side of the display and the Lady-Comp beeps indicating the reset is complete. The sample temperature data will be restored to the device.

To confirm deletion of data: Select the Thermometer icon from the centre of the main menu. Fahrenheit display will show sample data: “97.97 alternating with 14 (day of the cycle)”.
Proceed to re-enter “M” history, BMI and reset and re-activate the alarm.

How do I enter Menstruation History?

Proceeding from the main Menu:

    1. Select the M icon; You will see today's date in the bottom right side of the display.
    2. Press the Left Arrow to reverse the date to the first day of M, the furthest date back. 
    3. Press the Up Arrow to Check the box.
    4. Press the centre of the toggle button to confirm your entry.
    5. Press the Right Arrow to proceed to the next more recent first day of your menstrual history.
    6. Press the Up Arrow to Check the box, the centre of the toggle button to confirm and proceed to next date by pressing the Right Arrow. Continue until all historical dates have been entered up to the most recent date

How can I confirm that I have entered my “M” history correctly?

Proceeding from the main menu, select the Thermometer icon. The accurate Cycle Day is displayed beside the date on the lower right side of the display. The number (Cycle Day)must be accurate to the number of days since the first day of your last menstruation.

How do I correct "M" data, I entered the wrong date as the first day of menstruation?

If you have been measuring the temperature each day you can only remove or add Menstruation data within 3 days of the error.

If you have not measured any temperatures since the error, you may be able to correct more than 3 days back. Proceeding from the main Menu, select the M icon. To remove the current day's M data, press the Down Arrow to uncheck the box, then press the centre of the toggle button to confirm. Now press the Left Arrow to display yesterday's M data, if the M box is checked, proceed as above and continue to remove all incorrect M data. Now move the date by pressing the arrows to the accurate first day and press the Up Arrow to check the box, press the centre of the toggle button to confirm. Now select the Thermometer icon and make sure the accurate Cycle Day is now displayed beside the date on the lower right side of the display.

If you are unable to correct "M" data because more than 3 days have passed, you must exercise caution and avoid unprotected sex for the remainder of the cycle until you confirm the next accurate menstruation date and correct the Cycle Day. Use an alternate form of contraception (non-hormonal, such as barrier methods) or abstinence on both red, yellow and green light days for the remainder of the cycle.

Enter only one day of "M" when confirming historical data.

If you are entering current menstruation data while measuring the daily temperature, you must confirm "M" for at least 3 consecutive days. You can confirm "M" for the length of your period for your own reference, but you must confirm at least 3 days for confirmation of actual menstruation. If you are a new user, you may decide to Delete all stored data and reset the device as described above. The daily fertility diagnosis will not be reliable if the Cycle Day is not accurately indicated on the Daily Temperature display.

Temperature Measurement

The alarm sounds in the morning, but the Lady-Comp will not initiate the temperature reading.

There are a few factors that can interfere with the temperature measurement.

First make sure the sensor is working normally. Open the device and make sure the sensor plug is fully inserted to the socket by pressing firmly on the plug. Now try a test measurement. Select the ‘wrench’ icon from the main menu. Place the sensor tip under your tongue and select the ‘thermometer/C’ icon on the tools menu. Do not press the button again once the thermometer symbol is flashing or it will cancel the test. Wait for 1-2 minutes to see if the measurement is confirmed with a beep.

Another reason for failed temperature measurement is related to the Measuring Time Frame. If you have missed more than 3 days of measurements, the Measuring Time Frame may have been deleted and you need to reset it by un-checking the Alarm Bell box, exiting the menu with the arrow back button. Then select ‘alarm bell’ icon again and re-check the box. This will reactivate your 6 hour Measuring Time Frame.

A third reason for failed measurements may occur if you are trying to measure outside of the Measuring Time Frame. Only one daily measurement is permitted and it must be done within three hours of the previous day's measuring time. If you measured at 6 AM yesterday, today you would only be able to measure a reading between 3 AM and 9 AM. You can confirm you are within the Measuring Time Frame if the Thermometer symbol is illuminated on the home screen.

The failed reading could also be related to how the measurement is activated in the morning. When you wake-up in the morning, you should be able to see the thermometer symbol illuminated on the display to confirm you are now within your Measuring Time Frame. When the alarm rings, you should only press the center button once to stop the alarm. Then place the tip of the sensor under your tongue and press only once to activate the measurement. Once the thermometer symbol begins to flash, do not press the button again or the measurement will be cancelled. If you wake-up before the alarm and the thermometer is illuminated, measure before getting out of bed. In this case, place the sensor under the tongue and only press the center of the toggle button once to activate. Wait for confirmation of measurement with a beep.

How do I activate the Temperature Measuring Time Frame?

The temperature reading time frame (6 hour) will need to be set by activating the alarm for the first measurement and re-set by re-activating the alarm if you miss three consecutive temperature readings(intentionally or not).  If you miss several measurements, you may hear the alarm ringing as usual but you will still need to re-activate the Alarm Bell to reset the Measuring Time Frame for the next day's measurement and it must be done before Midnight, the day before the next measurement.

To re-set the Temperature Reading Time Frame you must re-activate the alarm bell:

Before Midnight, the day of the missed reading; Proceeding from the main menu:

Select the Alarm Bell icon. Select the Alarm Bell, again. Select the Down Arrow to uncheck the box. Press the centre of the toggle button to confirm the entry. Exit this display by selecting the Back icon. Select the Alarm Bell again. Select the Up Arrow the check the box. Press the centre of the toggle button to confirm and select the Back icon and return to Main menu.

If you have activated the Time Frame correctly, the thermometer symbol will be illuminate on the 'Time and Date' display to notify you that you are within your Measuring Time Frame. The thermometer symbol will illuminate 3 hours before the previous day`s measuring time and remain illuminated until three hours after or until the daily temperature is measured.

Alarm Bell

Do I have to re-set the alarm bell each day?

No, you only need to activate the alarm for the first measurement to set the Measuring Time Frame.  If a reading is secured each day, there is no need to re-activate the bell. It will continue to record the temperature each day without any further action.

If you decide to change the alarm time to re-establish a new 6 hour Time Frame, you must set and activate for the new measurement before midnight, the day before the new measuring time.

Can I turn off the alarm? I’m not used to waking with an alarm at the same time everyday.

Yes, you only need to activate the Alarm Bell for the first measurement to set your six hour Measuring Time Frame.  After this you can turn the alarm off as long as you secure a measurement each day within the Measuring Time Frame. 

If measuring the BBT is a new routine for you, we recommend using the the Alarm Bell.  The alarm bell can serve as a reminder to measure each day upon awakening.  Missing daily measurments results in increased red and yellow light days. Also, if you forget to measure on three consecutive days, you must re-activate the alarm bell before Midnight, to reset the Measuring Time Frame again for the next day’s reading. 

It is recommended to allow the Lady-Comp's alarm to wake you until the routine becomes established and you are less likely to forget and miss a daily reading.

Lack of Green Lights (Infertile Days)

Why am I receiving so many red and yellow light days?

In a typical 28 day cycle, a woman can expect to receive between 8-10 red light days per cycle and the remainder will be green. Most of the red lights will occur in the days leading up to ovulation and for 48-72 hours after it has been confirmed.

An increase in red lights results when the ovulation is not detected in the cycle. Three factors can contribute this:

1. Missed and Inaccurate Basal Body Temperature Readings: Temperatures must be measured immediately upon awakening from at least 3 uninterrupted hours of sleep. You should not get out of bed, drink fluids or engage in any activity within 3 hours of the measurement. If you miss a daily reading, especially near to ovulation time, the Lady-Comp cannot confirm the timing of fertile days in the cycle. You may not be aware that you missed the readings. To confirm that a temperature has been measured each day, proceed from the main Menu:

Select the Thermometer icon:
Press the Left Arrow repeatedly to display previous day's temperature data.

2. Anovulatory Cycles: It is common for women to experience an occasional cycle where no ovulation occurs. When this occurs, the Lady-Comp cannot isolate the fertile days of the cycle and will issue red and yellow lights as a precaution.

3. Ovulation not detected through typical temperature patterns: Some women do not experience a dramatic shift in the basal body temperature readings with ovulation. If this is the case, most women can still use the Lady-Comp effectively because it does measure the BBT very accurately to the 100th degree. In order to detect ovulation, it would be recommended for her to secure an accurate BBT each day at the same hour of day. Also, avoid any missed daily readings.

Accurate BBT

How do I measure an accurate basal body temperature?

The oral temperature should be measure immediately upon awakening from at least 3-4 consecutive hours of sleep and you should not get out of bed, drink fluids or engage in activity within 4 hours of the measurement.


Try to maintain a moderate room temperature so you don't wake-up overheated or chilled and avoid direct heat sources such as heating pads and electric heating blankets. 


Place tip of the sensor beneath your tongue and hold it securely in the fleshy area under your tongue and towards the back.  For additional consistency, place the  tip in the same area, on the same side of your mouth, every morning.  Avoid moving the temperature sensor while it is under your tongue and keep your mouth closed until you hear the beep and see your temperature secured and shown in the display.


If you are sick and know that your body temperature may be elevated, it is better to skip the day's temperature measurement.